MinkiChess Lite

MinkiChess Lite 2.1

Chess coaching program

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MinkiChess can train an absolute beginner into a successful chess tournament player.

Minkichess is an excellent choice for parents wishing to teach chess to children but do not have the time to do so. MinkiChess can train an absolute beginner to becoming an accomplished tournament chess player in the shortest period. It is not necessary to ask a child to do the trainings separately since MinkiChess will ask the child to do the trainings at regular intervals.) MinkiChess is also an entertaining playing companion with many varied and colorful computer opponents to spar with. The program is very easy to use and there are no complicated menus and choices to make. Our Lite Edition is perfect for those looking to play chess for fun or master the basics techniques in chess.

MinkiChess features computer opponents that make human-like moves. Lessons & Trainings are introduced in stages as the player levels up. MinkiChess features automatic learning and memorizing of openings as the player plays. Multiple AI opponents from 100 Elo - 2050 Elo ratings will keep players of every level entertained.

Minkichess is a coaching and playing program especially tailored for ambitious children MinkiChess offers a structured method to master the game of chess. All the knowledge needed is given at appropriate stages as the players improve their gameplay.

It is especially suited for parents who want their child to learn chess to school tournament levels but do not have the time or ability.

MinkiChess Lite


MinkiChess Lite 2.1